“To finish first, you must first finish.”
~ Juan Manuel Fangio
2007 F1 Chinese GP:

What a stunning race … and yes, Lewis Hamilton was right in the middle of things yet again … just laps away from clinching the World Championship … and then …

In recent months we have grown so used to seeing Lewis Hamilton driving like a Formula 1 veteran that we have reached a point at which it seems that he simply isn’t going to make the kind of mistakes that all Formula 1 rookies make … but at Shanghai we found out that Hamilton is human and that McLaren’s race engineers certainly do make mistakes.

He had the World Championship in the bag … with his tires fading quickly, or literally disintegrating, he finally got called in for fresh rubber … but as he came into the pits to switch over to dry tyres, Hamilton somehow managed to find one of the few surviving gravel traps of the modern F1 era ! … allowing Kimi Raikkonen to go on to win the race …. and just like that, the World Championship went from a phenomenal, historical event to a three-way, wide open contest with just one race remaining!

Wow! This will certainly go down as one of the greatest (and yes, tumultuous) seasons in F1 history.

As always, a very special thanks to Jacques Deschenaux for allowing me to yet again experience F1 up close & personal. Dear friend … you will be very much missed as of next year … but as this race showed, nothing is definite until the chequered flag drops!

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