“Whenever I’m suffering from Insomnia, I just look at a picture of a Toyota Camry and I’m straight off.”
~ Jeremy Clarkson – Top Gear
2007 Tokyo Auto Show:

After having attended so many of the Geneva Auto Shows over the years, I was really looking forward to seeing what Japan puts on at their annual Tokyo Auto Show.

I certainly was expecting lots of Japanese designs, innovative automotive technologies, and even lots of bikes mixed into the show, but I did not expect one aspect of the event that I had been forewarned about … At times, when walking around the different pavilions, you end up wondering whether you’re at an Auto Show or at some “Kink Conference” ! Some of the outfits and looks put on by the display girls don’t leave much to the imagination (not that I’m complaining) … which certainly explains why there were more people swarmed around them rather than the cars.

Still, the event is quite good … although as expected, there is little European presence (probably due to distance and transport expenses), and almost zero American presence! … which comes as no surprise. It’s bad enough that Detroit is in complete shambles, they don’t exactly need to travel across the pacific to put on display their horrid designs and show how far behind they are on automotive design and innovation.