“If you can please people’s hearts in Africa and Japan, then you’re part of the world’s family… not a tourist.”
~ Carlos Santana
Intimate Japan – Portraits of Kimi

I finally got the chance to take a series of photos of Kimi & Yumiko … two beautiful girls who were introduced to me through a mutual friend.

They had seen some of my work and wanted me to take some photos of them. Timing took a while since they live in Kyoto, but we eventually made it. The challenge for me was that they wanted to do some “intimate/edgy” shots! It was certainly nothing new for me, but being in Japan and the general tendency of Japanese women to be shy and reserved made me question how this was going to work.

We ended up doing the shots at Kimi’s grandparents house … a lovely old house in Kyoto with a beautiful garden. I was a bit hesitant as we got started since I was uncertain about how far I could push the envelope without upsetting or offending them … but it turned into a great weekend in Kyoto and we had fun trying different things.

We shot for hours, but only a few are posted here. I picked my favorites & then they chose which ones among them they were comfortable in having on the web.